Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Aussie Vixen Lauren Orrell

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It’s effortless to be hooked on Australian actresses and upcoming starlet Lauren Orrell is thoroughly engaging with her distinctive magnetism at the fore. Her penchant for taking on emotive women with intriguing shades does set her apart and offers viewers a look at the level of enchantment she can bring forth. Lauren is quickly becoming the face who dares to be different as her profile reveals she is known for rejecting work that is ‘pretty’ in favor of more visceral fare. Just like the one she essays in the sci-fi short “The Pale Moonlight” set in a dystopian future rife with disease which screens at Hollyshorts on Aug 17.

Here’s Lauren giving us a teaser of her role and her experiences as a woman with a valiant heart in spite of her circumstances:

“I play “Autumn” in The Pale Moonlight. She’s a young woman, in the care of her grandparents, who, until this particular night, has been sheltered from the realities of the family business (underground pharmacy, with a side of prostitution). Like most of the people in the world, she lives with a deadly virus, that has only one known cure, and after government lobbying to shut down the pharmaceutical industry, a cure that is in scarce supply. Whilst, I think she’s accustomed to the nature of her mortality, her trust in her family is questioned, when her Grandfather decides she’s old enough to make a buck from the oldest profession. The level of betrayal deepens when she realises his lies have put her life at even greater jeopardy. Autumn was a amazing to play, vulnerable, but a fighter. She sees fear and just goes for it anyway. It really helped that Tin, our director had such a clear vision and created a safe environment to go to some pretty scary places. Matt Boesenberg and Peter McAllum are the kind of actors that give you things that really make you step up to the plate as an actor, the things I was able to achieve in this film are because they are strong and generous performers, and in Peter’s case, absolutely terrifying when he needs to be.”

Lauren is also shining in the Australian web series “Starting From… Now” where she’s part of a love quadrangle between four lesbians with complicated personalities. Lauren excels in drawing out the multi textured persona of her character Kristen who suffers the ultimate betrayal by her best friend Steph Fraser (Sarah de Possese). With Season 3 heading our way, the juicy tales are going to satiate lovers of great romantic drama. Likewise, Lauren is steadily becoming a beguiling figure to be admired.

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