The Women Who Sizzle @ Hollyshorts Film Fest 2014 – Part 2

1. Kelly Pantaleoni in “Artful Gambit”


– Don’t miss her alluring performance as the femme fatale Catherine who admits to killing her husband in “Artful Gambit”, the rather sordidly twisted tale.
– From Cannes to Hollywood, Kelly is wowing us and this Aussie Vixen has a bright future ahead as well as being one of the sexist women in this industry.
– Already a spokesmodel for “Guess”, she’s set to sizzle the world and we as fans won’t be able to stop giving her the utmost affection.

2. Corsica Wilson in “North Bay”


– By far one of the cutest actresses to beguile the screen, Corsica has the features you would find yourself falling for in no time.
– She is one of the stars of the surrealistic time-travel film “North Bay” where obsession may just prove to be detrimental.
– Catch her in the indie film “The Lengths” and be mesmerized by her turn as a woman looking for love in the most unexpected of times.

3. Nicole Wyland in “Capstone’s Oak”


– Nicole stars in “Capstone’s Oak” where greed overcomes human decency when a scheme to generate money involves the dead.
– This endearing redhead has been in her fair share of horror movies and her upcoming project “13 Girls” could just be a top pick since it involves Catholic schoolgirls entwined in a demonic plot!
– She has parodies Lady Gaga on youtube with aplomb which means more reasons to watch Nicole at her comedic best.

4. Summer Crockett Moore in “Trust Me I’m A Lifeguard”


– Call her the woman with the most ravishing of smiles and Summer truly has the bubbly character to win hearts with ease.
– Impressive turns as a druggie in “Junction” and as a saucy flirt in “Trust Me I’m A Lifeguard” shows her capability to portray darker as well as lighter characters.
– Already an award-winning actress/producer, the sky’s the limit for Summer and she’s destined to become even hotter!

5. Renee Dorian in “Sad Motivator”


– Enigmatic and perky are words of praise that comes to mind when describing the comely Renee Dorian who is a lady to adore.
– Even though she’s one of the nicest actresses around, Renee does play a heartbreaker in the humorous web series “Sad Motivator”.
– Just discovered, she once played Cersei Lannister in a comedy sketch called “Beer Of Thrones”. Renee does have the potential to be the queen of indie films…:)

6. Ashlynn Yennie in “Market Hours”


– Whether she’s a blonde or a brunette, Ashlynn never fails to be immaculately gorgeous and recently she’s been quite a sizzler on the red carpet too.
– It’s no surprise she’s playing a starlet in the fast-paced comedy “Market Hours” where sometimes interesting encounters are there to change your life forever.
– With several of her features on the festival circuit this year, she’s taking the indie world by storm having already been lauded as a cult actress.

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