Must Watch Horror Starlets @ Film4 FrightFest 2014

1. Jennifer Matter in “The Forgotten”

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– It’s awesome to see that a British actress such as the sexy Jennifer Matter making a captivating impression at Film4 FrightFest, UK’s premiere horror film festival.
– She’s noted for her vamping it up in “Dead Cert” and is appearing in “The Forgotten” which suggests it may be a suspenseful creature feature.
– The way Jennifer adeptly channels the saucy nature of her performances will have viewers lapping all of it up and still wanting more!

2. Meadow Williams in “The Harvest”


– The fact that the very foxy Meadow is locking lips with Michael Shannon (General Zod himself) in “The Harvest” is a big reason to watch this riveting thriller.
– She’s stars as Sandra, the pharmaceutical rep who supplies Michael’s character Richard with whatever medical supplies her needs for his son’s illness, no questions asked.
– Meadow is certainly a doll who on top of being a curvaceous beauty, has been compelling in a series of indie horror films and looks set to hit the big time.

3. Reanin Johannink in “I Survived A Zombie Holocaust”

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– The Actress Obsession Blog never fails to put gorgeous women on a pedestal of adulation and Reanin has depth in addition to her sexiness onscreen.
– Following the success of “All Cheerleaders Die”, she’s an alluring vision in “I Survived A Zombie Holocaust” which fans of dark comedy as well as the zombie genre will approve.
– After the Aussie Wave in Hollywood, it’s time we have NZ hotties led by the stunning Reanin sizzle up Tinseltown in similar fashion.

4. Natalie Burn in “Nymph”


– The vivacious Natalie was seen in the Fashion Section of the National Enquirer recently and has been lauded alongside style icons Taylor Swift as well as Katie Holmes.
– Her role in “The Expendables” have already gotten Natalie widespread attention and she’s been on a whirlwind promotion on numerous red carpets, looking ravishing each time.
– Watch her in the mermaid horror film “Nymph” where this rising starlet with the supermodel looks heats up the screen.

5. Natalie Denise Sperl in “Altergeist”

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– One has to love the supernatural thriller about a haunted winery and it’s title “Altergeist” (a nod to “Poltergeist” perhaps) which Natalie has a supporting role in.
– Acclaimed director FRANK CORACI celebrates Natalie with this quote: “It’s hard to find a talented actress this attractive that get’s comedy.” affirming she’s a genuinely accomplished performer.
– She has previously played a Succubus clad in skintight leather so we are no doubt about Natalie’s sex appeal.

6. Denise Williamson in “Exists”


– Even without a trailer, the Bigfoot thriller “Exists” has everyone talking and likewise so will Denise since she’s starring Elizabeth who is stalked by the hairy ape-like creature.
– “Border Break”, her upcoming feature has a trailer however (above) and besides having to face off against mythical creatures, she now encounters terrors of the human kind in Mexico.
– This eye-catching Texan cutie is gaining popularity and with her appearing in the Arnie zombie thriller “Maggie” who is played by Abigail Breslin, Denise is set to be an exciting watch.

7. Jessica Luza in “V/H/S Viral”

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– Blossoming hottie Jessica Luza stars in “V/H/S Viral”, the latest in the found footage anthology series that has become a sensation.
– She’s already had her big screen debut in the entertaining comedy “Let’s Be Cops” and you can catch her in the sci-fi flick “Labryinth” opposite James Franco.
– With her sights set on doing a range of humorous fare on top of the horror genre, this lovable lady will be adored with regularity.

8. Melanie Papalia in “The Den”

– One of my favorite Canadian actresses, Melanie always shines and her current recurring role on “Suits” will propel her to stardom soon enough.
– “The Den” which is a cyber horror flick is said to be her breakout role thanks to her excellent level of emotional investment in her character Elizabeth Benton who witnesses murders committed on Chat Roulette.
– “American Pie Presents: The Book of Love” was her first film when I discovered her enchanting aura and the world should soon recognize her many charms.

9. Laura Ortiz & Corri English in “Digging Up The Marrow”


– Funny women as cute as Laura and Corri should be held in high regard so have a visual feast by watching the humor-filled clips of this leading ladies of “Holliston” (above).
– Don’t miss them in Adam Green’s new documentary/film “Digging Up The Marrow” about monster art which reportedly is a laugh-a-ton.
– To be frank, I’m actually addicted to Laura’s adorable voice and Corri’s equally comely looks so this is a duo whom everyone should have a thing for too…:)

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