Action On Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Melanie Marden

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We tend to fall at the feet of voluptuous women and Melanie Marden is a talent with a genuinely memorable allure. She also happens to be an award winning actress and an international model very much in the adoring eyes of the public. Be it a glamorous dress, bikini or lingerie, Melanie dazzles us each and every moment with her gorgeous presence. Having recently graced Maxim Italy in a sexy 6-page spread, this hottie from Toronto would be just the gal to sizzle what’s left of the Summer days ahead and beyond. Don’t miss her stunning photos at the MELANIE MARDEN OFFICIAL SITE.

At this year’s Action On Film Festival, Melanie stars in the short film “Mr Murphy” that’s littered with psychological tension. While there’s no trailer to tease what’s coming, this She has been having a great run on the indie scene, garnering awards as well as acting alongside Ving Rhames as his adopted sister in “Mafia”. On top of her sex appeal, Melanie is an emotionally perceptive creator, having produced the heart-breaking feature “Timeless” in honor of her late mother who had cancer. Many who got the chance to watch “Timeless” would have shed a tear and makes us come to the realization of the human side of actresses which often goes unseen. With such a good head on her shoulders, taking a liking to Melanie is effortless and this gracious lady will continue to captivate in everything she does.

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