The Sexiest Actresses @ Action On Film Festival 2014 – Part 1

1. Ellen Dubin in “The Big Fat Stone”

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– Don’t miss the sci-fi vixen Ellen in “The Big Fat Stone” playing against type as a vulnerable museum curator who unwittingly becomes the catalyst for what is a heist film.
– This accomplished Canadian thespian has always been a perennial dazzler on the Actress Obsession Blog and with her affable nature, she’s set to enchant for years to come.
– Fans will no doubt covet her once more as she’s returning to her sci-fi roots in the pilot “Nobility” as well as the new web series “Star Fall”.

2. Heather L. Tyler in “Butterfly Dust”


– We can’t get enough of the zombie genre and viewers get another dose in “Butterfly Dust” with Heather playing a scientist whose test subjects turned into deranged creatures.
– Heather has an unmistakable allure and if you’ve seen her gritty feature “House Of Bad”, she is quite the riveting actress.
– “The Bridge” fans will recognize her as the woman who sparked the serial killer within her husband after he uncovers her affair with Mexican detective Marco Ruiz.

3. Marlene Mc’Cohen in “Alien Hunger”


– Curvaceous and drop dead gorgeous, Marlene is stunning onscreen, on print and in real life, a surefire addiction for many.
– Watch her in the fast-paced “Alien Hunger” as alien predators descend on Earth and make humans their meal ticket.
– Already a director, writer and producer, Marlene is making waves on the independent scene proving her worth as a multi-talented starlet.

4. Cody Kennedy in “Out Of Focus”


– If there’s one young lady who looks ravishing from any angle, it would be the photogenic Cody. She’s picture perfect!
– It’s fitting she’s the center of attention for a young photographer with attention problems in the short film “Out Of Focus”
– She should be installed as one of the sexiest women on this planet by now on account of her glamorous and tantalizing features.

5. Katherine Randolph and Ava Brunini in “Centurion A.D.”

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– Here are two gorgeous women who are known for their sex appeal. Katherine has sizzled every time she’s hit the screens and Ava captivates the heart with her graceful beauty.
– In the supernatural thriller “Centurion A.D.”, Katherine plays Kim Harris, nurse who has no religious affiliations until a turn of events changes her mindset.
– While Ava has a supporting role in “Centurion A.D.”, she’s certain to entice plenty seeing how easily she can catch the eye.

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