Portland Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Jenna Laurenzo

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A charmer in every sense of the word, Jenna Laurenzo is primed for a spell of ardor. Attractive by nature, Jenna is a vision of loveliness and it’s evident in every scene of her reel I’ve watched (above). If you get a chance to see her in the short film “Half Brother” screening at this year’s Portland Film Fest, you’ll be enamored too. It’s a tale of a man who tries to find himself amidst the dysfunctional family dynamics surrounding him. She reminds me of fellow actress Carly Pope, possessing the come hither facial expressiveness that captivates in an instant.

She’s also been in a number of web series including her own creation called “Water With Lemon”, a mockumentary that delves into the lives of employees of the fictitious restaurant, “Bar Basta.” The short films she’s been a part of have made their way to indie film festivals with her feature “Coffee To Go” making its premiere at the Dam Short Film festival. Equally adept in dramatic and comedic fare, Jenna’s effervescence is thoroughly appealing and she’s a natural at comedy having remarked that she herself likes to laugh. In the pipeline for Jenna is “Lez Bomb” which she wrote and could garner her similar success like the web series “Parker & Maggie” (featured in Nylon Magazine) back in 2011 which was written by her. Jenna is a genuine talent with a creative mind and many are eagerly waiting for her next venture.

Remember to check out the JENNA LAURENZO OFFICIAL SITE which is filled with a collection of media to watch and enjoy.

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