Rising Starlet: Samantha Stewart

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Lissome and undeniably photogenic, Samantha Stewart is an enchanter with a sizzling sex appeal. August has been the month of up and coming beauties like Samantha who are turning us on in so many ways this 2014. She stars in the raunchy comedy “Bachelor Night” as Casey whose bachelorette party crosses path with a bachelor party in Vegas. Cue the ensuing shenanigans as the night goes out of control with rising libidos amidst a bevy of scantily clad women. Samantha herself has an amazing body having been such a temptation in the comedy “Bikini Spring Break” (she’s in the center of the pic below) and doing some girl-on-girl wrestling. In “Bachelor Night” and if you’ve seen the trailer (above) she exudes the comely sexiness many of us would pine for.


Samantha recently had a recurring role as a nurse on popular soap “Days Of Our Lives” and is slated to appear in several features all the way to 2015. She is blossoming into an indie goddess whom so many around the world will soon be having the hots for…:) Described as perceptive and cultured in her craft, Samantha may soon be noted as one of the most desirable faces to emerge in the industry.

Visit the SAMANTHA STEWART OFFICIAL SITE for a wealth of media clips and info on this lovely actress.

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