The Must Watch Vixens @ Toronto International Film Fest 2014

1. Clara Pasieka & Jennifer Gibson in “Maps To The Stars”

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– What better than to have 2 Canadian Goddesses in the form of Clara and Jennifer being the essence of fondness as they set to sizzle the red carpets at Toronto.
– Having dazzled at Cannes at the premiere of “Maps To The Stars”, this fashionable cutie could well be one of the most promising talents likely to be coveted globally.
– Jennifer has such ravishing beauty, it’s easy to fall for her and in similar fashion she may herself be revered in Canada as well as across the world.

2. Rena Owen in “The Deadlands”


– Don’t miss Rena in “The Deadlands”, a tale of warring Maori tribes which is reminiscent of “Apocalypto” with its violence and thrilling drama.
– Her film “Once Were Warriors” showcased Rena’s prowess onscreen and she’s going to be a scene stealer for a long time to come.
– Remember that she has the seductive NZ accent which I’m pretty sure many of her fans old and new will find a thrill!

3. Lisa Durupt in “Preggoland”


– Don’t miss the lovely Lisa as Hillary, the sister of Ruth (Sonja Bennett) who like her sis announces her pregnancy, the difference being Ruth is actually lying in the funny “Preggoland”.
– You can see why she’s been called Canada’s Kristen Bell, her perky facets illuminate the screen and she’s quite the versatile performer too.
– If there’s a personification of Canadian Sweetness then Lisa is an actress who’s genuinely lovable so we can’t wait for her to shine this year and beyond.

4. Misty Upham & Camille Mana in “Cake”

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– Both of them are captivating women in their own right and will appear with Jennifer Aniston in the emotion-filled drama “Cake”.
– Her role alongside Meryl Streep in “August: Osage County” affirms Misty is a rising starlet and her future roles will be watched with much anticipation.
– Camille is of course easy on the eyes and her passion for acting is not only breaking stereotypes, it is also letting us in on her fascinating qualities.

5. Claudia Graf & Carolyn Stotesbery in Love & Mercy”

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– “Love and Mercy” is the Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) and these two lovely ladies are in it which is reason enough to start the infatuation drive.
– Claudia is expected to grace this year’s TIFF and surely has to be lauded as one of the sexiest woman at the renowned film festival.
– Carolyn has my vote as a talent to watch and this is one lady with the mesmerizing cuteness to keep viewers happy.

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