TIFF 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Vanessa Bednar

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Enchanting us with her pleasant individuality, Vanessa Bednar has steadily gained a measure of success in her time as an actress. This former Hawaiian Tropic Girl will be catching our attention in a variety of indie features. She’s in a supporting role as Gail the Junkie in the horror movie “Spring” which is having its premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Fest. Creepy and atmospheric, the question on everyone’s lips is what exactly is the creature that the girl transforms into…Is she a mermaid or a feminine beast in a reversal of Beauty and The Beast. In her words, Vanessa believes in the potential of the movie especially since the writer/ director’s last movie “Resolution” was picked up by Tribeca films. Following her top billing in the Vivica A. Fox romantic comedy “The Power Of Love” (she gets to tie up her boyfriend!), this likable and affable actress may soon find herself in the limelight.

You can also see Vanessa as officer Jane in a children’s film entitled “Wishes” and she’s about to film the 2nd season of the web series “Involuntarily Single”. While she has dabbled in pretty much every genre, seeing her taking the comedic route is going to be a virtue for fascination. Let’s all be acquainted with the many flavors of the lovely Vanessa Bednar. If you’re at TIFF, catch her at the premiere of “Spring”!

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