United Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Lindsay Sawyer

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The swoon-worthy Lindsay Sawyer could soon be regarded as a promising young face in the months ahead. Already a sizzler by nature, Lindsay plays the Pyro-like Gwen in the teen superhero team up “The Posthuman Project” screening Sep 6 at this year’s United Film Fest. It’s X-Men First Class meets The Breakfast Club and having seen the amazing trailer (above), this has indie gem written all over. There’s plenty of heart throughout as these formerly ordinary teens bond over their new found abilities, Lindsay herself infusing beguiling edginess as the tough cookie Gwen. Who doesn’t love the underdog as they soon battle everything from bullying to a nefarious super-powered villain. Already the “The Posthuman Project” gained buzz recently at Comic Con 2014 with Lindsay being one of the panelists. Kudos to director Kyle Roberts for his superhero vision and for roping in the amazing cast. Sometimes you don’t need big names and massive effects to tell a story of forging your own identity. Just like how her character Gwen remarks that it’s ‘Us In Charge Of The World’, there’s a pool of blossoming talents who in their own right are deserving of ardor.

Lindsay has garnered praise from Kyle himself for being eye-catching onscreen and that is spot on. If you’re looking for a heroine figure then up and coming indie actress Lindsay could be the one to look up to. Everyone one around the world has fantasies of being a SuperHero so she’s already living the dream! Plus the fact she’s one ravishing blonde with sultriness brimming underneath ensures she’ll win tons of affection…:)

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