Must Watch Starlets @ United Film Fest 2014

1. Ilana Guralnik in “Nowhere Girl”


– Just like the tagline for her romantic drama “Nowhere Girl” goes ‘He’d be crazy not to fall in love with her’, it clearly refers to Ilana’s delightful attractiveness.
– Lauded as the perfect blend of cute, sexy and charming in her role as Katy, Ilana clearly is a face deserving of constant fondness.
– The raunchy comedy “Cavemen” is another film she’s in and there’s no doubt she belongs in the pantheon of that super hot female cast.

2. Seri DeYoung in “In-Touch”


– Being enchanted with eternal cuties like Seri is a must. Discovering that she’s an accomplished writer and director means we’ve overwhelmingly enamored.
– Don’t miss her in the short film “In-Touch” a refreshing spin on finding true romantic connections during this digital age.
– Having started in the horror genre and even appearing on the iconic “Breaking Bad”, Seri is proving her worth as an indie sweetheart.

3. Tarah DeSpain in “Burnout”


– A natural comedian, Tarah is potently appealing as the girl-next-door pot dealer turned foot hooker in the entertaining “Burnout”.
– Her character Ada can turn out to be just as memorable as Walter White or Nancy Botwin as Tarah plays her in such a quirky, enthralling fashion.
– With her shining in the horror comedy “Stomping Ground” about the Bigfoot myth, Tarah should be anointed as an indie breakout star!

4. Katie L. Hall in “4 Point Oh!?”


– Don’t miss this perky genius of comedy in her new short film “4 Point Oh!? as she plays yet another interesting multifarious character.
– Who can forget her running stark naked in the comedy “Act Naturally” and with a sequel in the works, there’s a lot of reasons to keep fixated on Katie.
– She is an amazing talent and can bring on the laughs at any moment. Who needs a big budget when you can crack audiences up like Katie does onscreen.

5. Maria Olsen in “Live-In Fear”


– Maria is both the producer and actress of “Live-In Fear” which has been described as one of the most disturbing films ever made.
– She is recognized for her excellent performances in various guises especially in the horror genre and this time she’s just as massively creepy.
– With Maria expanding into the field of screenwriting, it’s foreseeable that she’s establishing herself as one of the horrors endearing icons.

6. Tara Samuel in “The Interview”

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– With her features “The Drain”, The Rwanda Blend” and “Ruby Booby” making a splash at numerous film festivals, Tara could be soon become one of Canada’s revered indie darlings.
– While there’s no trailer, her surrealistic short film “The Interview” is yet another feather on her cap and expected to capture our attention.
– Undeniably gorgeous, fans will love how she transforms into the skin of bold women caught up in daunting situations.

7. Tara Cardinal in “Legend Of The Red Reaper”


– The world is lucky to have a massively dedicated and Über gorgeous film-maker in the form of Tara Cardinal.
– Call her the Xena or Wonder Woman of the indie world if you will as she’s a kiss-ass heroine as The Red Reaper, looking stunning as she breaks bones.
– Witch flicks are on a high so expect Tara to put a spell on you in her upcoming film “Sorority Of The Damned”

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