Latin Vixen: Millie Ruperto

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It sure looks like Latina Fever is here to stay especially when the sizzling Millie Ruperto is driving the infatuation. Puerto-Rican born beauty Millie is starring in the martial arts heavy “Falcon Rising” as local cop Katarina Da’ Silva on the slums of Brazil where bad guys seem to be all around her. Enter John “Falcon” Chapman (Michael Jai White) who is a mentally-scarred former marine turned vigilante as he join forces with her to clean the streets of Rio. Millie gets her fair share of the action as she guns down those pesky criminals and still look ever so gorgeous doing it. A promising starlet to keep an eye on, she’s already cornered both the Spanish and English markets.

Noted for being enchanting in soap operas “Anita no te rajes”, “Niños Rico Pobres Padres” and “Extremos”, Millie is now giving us every reason to fall for her. More than capable of shining in any genre, her upcoming horror flick “Deceived” which is set in Puerto Rico sees a man trying to piece together his sister’s disappearance. Yet again she glows with a sexy spirit, no doubt enhance by the beautiful smile she has. By the way, there will be another Puerto-Rican talent by the name of Jennifer Lopez (no big deal!) is due to drop by Singapore for the Formula 1 Night Race. I’ve seen her perform once before and likewise Millie is blessed with the feminine wiles to be a consistent temptation. Add her dramatic flair to the mix and we have a genuine talent on the rise.

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