Sizzling Cutie: Jordan Sessions

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Jordan Sessions is the captivating face everyone should know as she’s exquisite from any angle. We can’t help but praise her ebullience which is key to an addiction she’ll most likely become. I’ve come across some of the hottest young talents all over the world and Jordan definitely ranks up there with the very beautiful. Catch her in “Stepping High” where she plays Leann, a student at a conservative high school which is rocked by the emergence of out-of-work dancer turned teacher Sima (Palmer Davis). From “Grease” to the “Step-Up” series, dance films hold a fascination for many people and they are fronted by delightfully talented women just like Jordan. This Texas-born hottie is also a model and dancer, affirming her qualities are manifold.

The song “Gorgeous” by Babybird would be one I would dedicate to the very lovely Jordan. The best part is her beauty extends into her personality as well, pleasant in every truth of the word. If you head over to her IMDB page:, it’s obvious she’s to be adored, pretty as a peach even in on a black and white canvas. I also spotted her in a little riding hood garb and her innocence reminds me of Reese Witherspoon who incidentally starred in “Freeway” in her younger days which was an indie take on the fairy tale. With her enigmatic radiance, there’s every chance Jordan could be stirring hearts in the years ahead too. While still in the early throes of her career, she’s representative of what it means to be an actress obsession.

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