7 Sexy Starlets To Crave @ Blood And Babes Comic Con 2014

1. Natasha Blasick


– It is precisely the horror genre that made her a standout not only for her appearance in “Paranoid Activity 2” but her real-life encounter with a ghost.
– This Ukraine-born head turner has also made a splash recently in thrillers, notably in “The Black Russian” and is set to rock the sci-fi genre as well in the upcoming “Under The Dark”.
– With such a delectable figure, it’s no surprise Natasha has won a collection of swimsuit awards at beauty pageants she’s been part of.

2. Charlene Amoia


– Known for her comedic work on television (most famously on “How I Met Your Mother”), Charlene is quickly becoming a lady of horror to adore.
– The fetching brunette will dazzle in “Vitals” as Dr. Jane Carson whose husband is kidnapped and has his kidneys removed. The twist is she may not be as innocent in this gory thriller.
– TV addicts will not want to miss the endlessly captivating Charlene in the newest iteration of “NCIS” which will be set in the steamy locales of New Orleans.

3. Debbie Rochon


– A legend for anyone who loves horror, Debbie has been an endearing icon and has the massive sex appeal we can’t stop fantasizing about.
– She does sport a huge, mean ax in her new horror flick “Axe To Grind” playing a rejected former B-movie queen who seeks revenge by slicing up her competition.
– This Canadian Scream Queen is much loved all over the world and she’s lauded in the UK special feature on “Scream Queens” for her compelling career.

4. Raven Lexy


– Model/actress Raven stirred our loins in “DemonHunter” as a human and scared our wits when she transformed into a demon.
– Watch her sizzle in the mysterious “Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead” and she’s already slated to return in the sequel.
– With her lust-worthy derrière and how sensual she can be in her photo shoots, it’s easy to see why she’s viewed as one of the hottest women in horror.

5. Aria McKenna


– One of the shining lights of the independent scene, she mesmerized us with her brilliant portrayal as an older woman having a torrid affair with a younger man in “Brilliant Mistakes”.
– She can be seen in “The Haunting Of” the documentary TV Series that gives viewers first-hand details of how the paranormal changed a person’s life forever.
– This soulful beauty with the haunting hazel eyes is enchanting us with her intensity onscreen, a trait of an indie starlet we are often passionate about.

6. Lisa London


– We certainly need more of Ravishing Redheads like Lisa in the horror industry as she has the vivacious sauciness to light up the screen.
– Having made waves in teen sex comedies, she remains visibly a very sexy actress catching our eye in the indie flick “3 Wicked Witches”.
– Lisa is also branching into more dramatic fare which is a testament to her flexibility and going into 2015, she will be a must watch.

7. Suzi Lorraine


– Her most highly anticipated role has to be as Sharon Tate who was brutally murdered and is documented in the riveting biopic “House Of Manson”.
– Scream for Suzi should be the order of the day since this sexy blonde is effortlessly one of the Sex Symbols in horror for a number of years now.
– Suzi’s personable qualities also makes her highly coveted and with her emergence as a writer/producer, she’s won the hearts of many a horror fan.

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