Aussie Vixen: Bianca Bradey

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Bianca Bradey is a name on the rise from Down Under and she’s endowed with the innate charm that could soon be rousing the globe. The impending release of “Wyrmwood” which is screening at this year’s Fantastic Fest will have her in our adoring sights. “Wyrmwood” is riding the wave of zombie fanaticism and sees Bianca playing Brooke, the sister of Barry, a skilled mechanic who have their lives torn apart on the eve of a zombie apocalypse. As Brooke, she runs the gamut of what is so great about this sub-genre of horror, from being a kidnap victim to being experimented by a deranged doctor and hatching a plan of escape. But are any of these worse than facing the hordes of flesh eaters on the horizon in the Australian bushland? Of course, she gets to maim some zombie heads and if you catch “Wyrmwood” on Sep 19, we should find out her fate!

In the web series “Starting From Now”, Bianca is one of the dazzlers who so happens to play Emily, a lesbian in and out of love who is part of the rather juicy drama that’s been an online hit. Already into its 3rd Season, the romantic triangles are a tangled mess indeed and may actually trump those of heterosexual relationships. Bianca’s potent lusciousness reminds me of fellow actress Melissa George so much so many would be crushing on her any day of the week. She’s also been racking up roles in several indie features which in our book means many more glimpses of this burgeoning starlet. Bianca is set to be the flavor of many months as she paves her way into our hearts.

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