Indie Princess: Sasha Higgins


Sasha Higgins is a sight to behold and a face that will spark a long term infatuation from indie film fans. Those ravishing eyes of hers does inveigle us into submission and she’s desirably beguiling. For those who are attending the Arizona Underground Film Festival 2014 specifically this Friday, don’t miss Sasha in “The Badger Game”. Beware philanderers as she’s playing a gal who is known for her notoriety.

Here’s Sasha revealing the juicy details of her dark role in “The Badger Game”:

‘I play Jane in the Badger Game. She has come to America chasing the dream but ended up making money as a stripper and fighting her drug addiction. She is one of the three women out to seek revenge on the character, Liam. I think Jane’s revenge is more about what life has dealt her in general than on any particular man. She has a leaning towards the dark side, addiction, and when things start to go wrong in the plan they have, she goes right back to that side. What attracted to me to her is that she has a heart underneath it all.’

Revenge thrillers are all the rage and seeing women gained the upper hand in the high stakes conflict is enlightening. Another great thing about Sasha’s character is that she sports a British accent which we all know is sexiness personified. Just like Juno Temple, I believe many will hang on her every spoken word onscreen. She’s also been a revelation on the LA Theater scene having been Dubbed as the Person To Watch in LA. In the works is a film she’s written with director Diana Cignoni which we are shooting in November here in LA which is called “Blood Wolf” and she’s in it alongside a fantastic bunch of actors – Ignacio Serrichio, Austin Rogers, Justin Tensen, and Alexa Hamilton. It’s about a woman in an abusive relationship and the alternate reality she creates for herself to end the cycle. She imagines that she is a boy and a wolf, who can fight back. Sasha is set to be an intriguing actress to follow and there’s plenty more to come from her to keep us excited.

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