Hotties To Crave @ Vancouver International Film Fest 2014

1. Alex Lombard in “Sophie”


– Alex has an in-born sensuality that’s as inviting as those of fellow actresses Michelle Monaghan or Cobie Smulders.
– No surprises that she’s starring and enchanting many in her directorial debut “Sophie” as a mysterious woman who proves to be a spellbinding influence.
– Having seen her photos on the red carpet, Alex is elegance personified and will be a name to be passionate about for the longest haul.

2. Alison Sieke in “Katie”


– She has the charismatic features we so often gravitate towards and Alison and she does make your heart beat just that little faster.
– Catch her in the short “Katie” that focuses on the often gritty, often cruel world of under-aged sex which is based on actual events.
– This statuesque cutie is steadily gaining affection with every role and she’s wowing us in a host of different genres.

3. Kulap Vilaysack in “Welcome To Me”

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– Best known for tickling us pink in “Children’s Hospital”, Kulap recently dazzle on an episode of new series “Garfunkel and Oates”
– Her name should actually be pronounced as “Cool-op v-lie-sock” and the first part of her name already points to her being fashionably impressive and fun.
– A born entertainer with a fascinating comedic talent, she joins Kristen Wiig in the “Welcome To Me”, a dark comedy not to be missed.

4. Anna Lakomy in “Welcome To New York”


– Anna is endowed with an ever-growing sex appeal and yet she’s also one of the most gracious actresses you will ever get to meet.
– Her biggest role to date has been alongside Gérard Depardieu in “Welcome To New York” and this year she’s already graced the red carpet at Cannes.
– Look out for great things from this wonderful young actress in 2014 and beyond as she mesmerizes us with her dazzling essence.

5. Rosie Fellner in “The Face Of An Angel”


– If there’s one actress that should be on Downton Abbey, she would be the truly beautiful Rosie Fellner who is eye-catching from head to toe.
– She was recently in “The Trip to Italy” alongside comedian Steve Coogan, receiving warm plaudits for being absolutely charming in her role as the Laura, his tour guide.
– Watch her in the buzzworthy “Face Of An Angel” where It Girl model/actress Cara Delevingne plays a femme fatale of this murder mystery.

6. Marianna Palka in “The Lion Mouth Opens”


– Truthfully documentaries have not been part of my viewing diet but Marianna’s standout performance in “The Lion Mouth Opens” would have certainly changed all that.
– As a lover of all things women, my support is unwavering for amazing indie talents such as Marianna as well as the director Lucy Walker.
– She should already be receiving a wave of adulation across the globe for being a sensitive soul every time she’s onscreen.

7. Emma Fitzpatrick in “Sequence”


– Not everyone can pull off the short crop look yet Emma is just a vision of grace and has a lovable exuberance.
– Set to play a love interest in the digital comedy series “Significant Mother” on the CW Network, she’ll no doubt enchant TV viewers.
– She’s one of the stars of the fantasy short “Sequence” that tells of a man who wakes up only to find out he’s been the subject of the dreams of people all over the world.

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