Rising Starlet: Leah Bateman

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2014 has been the year of cherishing the hottest new faces and Leah Bateman is a young lady with the adore-worthy appeal. The Vancouver International Film Festival 2014 is already in full swing this week so everyone should get to know the very cute Leah who is on the fast track to gaining much affection. She is after all starring as the object of infatuation in the comedy short “No One But Lydia” which screens at VIFF on Sep 30. As Lydia, she’s the one who got away but her ex, a hopeless teen ropes in his friends to win back her heart albeit under a wily guise. Leah herself does exude a most luscious presence to sustain what is surely an ever growing fanbase of admirers.

She’s just booked a feature film called “Eyewitness” which will be staring Brigid Brannagh from “Army Wives” which aired recently and ends in a cliff hanger in which her character look guilty. If there’s one show where Leah will be a guilty pleasure for many a viewer, it would have to be “Pretty Little Liars”. Leah would make a great fit in the world of imperfect pretty girls who are constantly looking over their shoulders. She is no stranger to TV having guest-starred on “CSI” which has already returned this year for its 5th Season and also previously in “Rizzoli & Isles”. She’s also played several rebellious characters to perfection and how we love our firebrand women on screen. Some of the best young actresses have graced this blog and through sheer hard work have gone to become stars in their own right. You can count Leah as being one with loads of fascinating promise and may soon be the girl everyone will be swiftly fond of…:)

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