Canadian Vixen: Megan Hutchings

**Photos © Shaun Benson**

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Megan Hutchings has a foxiness coupled with a playful visage that’s the cornerstone of why we’re in love with Canadian actresses. Sensual would come to mind when praising her and she’s a graceful vision from every angle. Rebecca Romijn meets Jeri Ryan could be the plaudits one would use to describe her attractiveness. She is starring in the TV movie “The Hazing Secret” alongside Shenae Grimes and there’s a mystery element that will turn into horror fairly quickly. Catch this Lifetime Original and they’re churning out quite a number to thrill your minds plus there’s the chance to watch the enchanting Megan.

Megan has also been on “The L.A. Complex” and she showed her feisty side as Laura Knight, a gorgeous yet seemingly pious girl. She certainly was someone not to be messed with and that includes both sexes! Megan has interesting anecdotes of her time on the show:

‘I spent most of my time with Cassie Steele (Abby) and Brett Dier (Brandon)… When we weren’t on set making out with each other we’d all just hang out and laugh and be weirdos. Sometimes Cassie and I would do little work outs in our room and stress about not getting too sweaty for hair and make up.

It’s always nice to see she’s quite the easy going type and Megan’s sprightly persona is a magnet for fondness. On camera, she’s capable of being both sides of the coin, be it the bad or good girl. Off screen, her vivaciousness is like a flower in full bloom. Could Megan be the newest sweetheart from Canada?

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