Canadian Vixen: Samora Smallwood

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With her sassy sex appeal, Samora Smallwood exudes that attractive factor to capture our undivided attention. She’s elegance with a Capital “E” and one can say she’s a looker from every angle. Known for being a dynamic stage actress, she did appear in an enticing and provocative play entitled “The F Word” which had a well-received run in 2013. Samora has also dabbled on television, the web and on the big screen, most recently in the horror genre. Catch her in the home invasion tale “Berkshire County” which is the closing film for the famed festival Shriekfest 2014 this Sunday. With nefarious figures in pig masks and the lead character who finds the strength to overcome the odds, this has suspenseful thrills written all over!

Yet again I would like to re-iterate that having a passion movement for Canada’s up and coming talents is a must! These are beautiful women who are blessed with the ability to play a range of female roles and Samora herself is steadily exhibiting her conviction to shine. She also helps others to shine as she’s an accomplished make-up artist/stylist. With her glow of positivity and the spirit she has for her craft, Samora is heading up adoration street soon enough.

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