5 Actresses To Crave In October 2014

1. Elle Lamont in “Dead Still”


– Elle is a certified goddess of the indie genre and soon TV Land as she’s set to be a sizzler on the SYFY channel come October 6th.
– She stars in the spooky film “Dead Still” which tells of an antique Victorian camera causing bizarre deaths of the very subjects it snaps pictures of! Will her character Ivy Monroe Survive?
– An endless temptation for any movie fan with a curvaceous body to die for, Elle is also steadily crafting a solid body of work to admire.

2. Carrie Coon in “Gone Girl”


– Tempted to call the vivacious Carrie the newest ‘IT’ Girl but she’s certainly the talk of town thanks to riveting roles on both film and television.
– Playing Ben Affleck’s twin sister in the acclaimed “Gone Girl” is potently buzzworthy and they do have great chemistry. Check out their latest interview (above). Carrie is delectable!
– She’s going to be quite the enigma seeing how her character Nora Durst from the hit show “The Leftovers” was involved in a intriguing finale. Carrie is a trailblazer indeed!

3. Sarah Butler in “Free Fall”


– Sarah is the first ever actress to appear on the Actress Obsession Blog and that alone is made for legendary stuff as she’s made waves ever since!
– She does star alongside the legend Malcolm McDowell in the thrilling “Free Fall” that could propel her into the next female action star status!
– From the intense “I Spit On Your Grave” remake to psychological features such as “The Stranger Within”, Sarah has unerringly captivated in the skin of complex character arcs.

4. Valenzia Algarin in “Black Jesus”


– One of the sexiest emerging actresses in the comedy genre, the photogenic Miss Valenzia is sweetness from head to toe.
– She’s already captured our hearts playing Detective Dianne Vasquez on the fascinating series “Black Jesus” on Adult Swim where she’s a tough yet captivating presence.
– Eyes are on the talented Valenzia as she’s quickly spearheading the coveted Latin actress movement and becoming one of the darlings of this world.

5. Josephine De La Baume in “Listen Up Phillip”


– The very stylish actress/model/singer and sex symbol Josephine is heating up our planet as a seductive force for entertainment.
– In the classic indie dramedy “Listen Up Philip”, she’s part of the scene stealing female cast which includes Elizabeth Moss and Krysten Ritter.
– Don’t miss her in “The Missing”, a new mini-series about a man’s quest to find his abducted son in France and the consequences of his obsession.

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