Indie Princess: Sarah Schoofs


There is a desire to celebrate distinctively enchanting faces and Sarah Schoofs would be one to cast adoring eyes on. From her curly locks to her undeniable cuteness, she comes across as genuinely likable and there’s a plus in anyone’s book. Sarah projects a level of confidence becoming of an entertainer and is comfortable with her body as you can see when you read further on. She’s known for her intriguing work on the slow-burning horror flick “Gut” which is filled with suspense and the glimpses of body horror. Playing Lily, Sarah excelled as the glue holding her family together until her husband’s obsession with a snuff film goes overboard. An awesome and terrifying flick for Halloween!

Here’s a collection of interesting facts about her experiences filming “Gut” plus some fascinating facts about Sarah which will surely pique quite the interest:

– A fun fact about the “Gut” poster is that we had previously shot the scene with me lying in a pool of my own blood the day before (I think it was made with gelatin and kool-aide… I think… I included a photo from the scene I am referring to) so my hand was died slightly red from the fake blood.. While I was shooting the photos for the poster with Elias the following day, he had to break to switch batteries or something and I had rested my hand in my side while I was waiting.. Elias saw me, told me not to move and took some photos with my slightly red hand in the shot.. The original plan for the poster was to just have my torso, but we ended up using the photo with the hand in the end which worked out perfectly because it coincidentally was slightly red from the previous day which added to the creepy effect.

– Another behind the scenes “Gut” fun fact.. The scenes when Tom (Jason Vail) and my character Lily start to drift apart, there is a scene at the dinner table that the distance is becoming very evident.. Ironically Jason had come down with a 24 hour flu bug and was super sick and couldn’t make filming so we had stand-ins for Jason when I filmed and a stand-in for me when Jason filmed his scene.. Elias, the director, had said that wasn’t his original plan, but it actually added to the distance felt by the characters due to the un-planned turn of events.. Clip of scene:

– The feature I shot directly after “Gut” was “Alone” (written / directed by Rory Abel – still in post). We were filming in a brownstone in Brooklyn in the dead of summer, and had to turn off the AC for sound.. I had this amazing FX make-up of a autopsy wound, and we were filming an extremely intense scene, but every time they would say “Cut!” I would run to stand in front of a fan because I was sweating so much the wound was starting to slide off.

– I can claim to have been a nude limbo stick with a procession of naked folks doing the limbo underneath me as 2 naked dudes held me up on each side, not just once, but 2 years in a row thanks to Endtimes Productions of Naked Holidays which I have been in for the last 4 years. (not many people can claim that.. haha) I have also been a naked superwoman…

– They love to kill me off in films.. Haha.. Off the top of my head, I have died via asphyxiation, being sliced open, getting hit by a car, hacked to death by ax, death via zombie, death via witch & I have even died in a car wreck, came back to life and then bludgeoned to death with a old school phone.. Not sure why I am always cast in these roles, but it’s always a ton of fun!

I actually wanted to add that her upcoming feature “Alone” is also known as “Phobia” where she plays the wife of a man who was taken from him by a cruel accident. Things just spiral out of control from then on as his sanity comes into question! With her ability to handle women caught up in disturbing situations, Sarah is gravitating to some of the darkest corners of the indie scene. Keep tabs on her as she grows into a definitive focal point of fascination.

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