Exclusive Interview with Sizzling Cutie Charito Mertz

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Charito Mertz is a multi-talented performer who also happens to be a natural beauty destined for a lovable following. This year she’s been on the steamy summer legal drama “Reckless” as well as the indie horror flick “Death Factory”. Her luminous gracefulness is a joy accentuating her exotic looks with such a sparkle. Charito was born in Cebu, Philippines which by the way is one of my favorite destinations and it’s great to see she’s starting to make waves in Tinseltown.

Check out the interview with this blossoming starlet:

1. Hi Charito. Can you tell me more about your role as in “Death Factory”?

I played the role of Candi one of those vapid brainless bimbos. haha, but what is cool was that they cast me and another ethnically ambiguous girl for the two rolls, which I think is an open-minded and interesting choice. And it was fun being the comedic relief for the movie.

2. Are you a fan of the horror genre and what scares you the most?

It’s actually very funny I’m not! I can never separate myself from movies and if I were in the theater I would scream and run like I’m actually in the film it’s a good quality to have for acting but very bad in real life hee hee! So I never watch horror films. Hmm… a lot of things scare me. but I guess I would have to go with a child-ghost standing at the edge of my bed.

3. You also appeared on the new TV series “Reckless” recently. Tell us more about that experience and working with Cam Gigandet and/or Anna Wood.

My scene was with Anna Wood and she is so beautiful and sweet. Maybe it was the south but everyone on that set was so humble and down to earth.

4. Do you have any interesting stories to tell, be it on-set on during filming?

One embarrassing story is when I played a nurse on Days of Our Lives, I had to push this really heavy cart out of the room after my scene and it was so heavy and wobbly I looked retarded trying to move it out and they never told me to shut the door behind me and they were waving their hands like “shut the door!” and when I did, the door was a set door it was so thin, I accidentally slammed it. People we’re looking at me like I was an idiot! That story still cracks me up.

5. On that note, which are the countries you would love to shoot scenes at?

I love south east Asia so any country around there would be great. I would also like to do something in Europe… France or the countryside of England somewhere mystical.

6. Who or what inspired you to carve a career as an actress and how does one define success?

I kind of fell into it, I was modeling and doing commercials in New York then moved to LA and realize I had to actually speak in front of the camera with a script and totally failed my first time… then took a couple classes and immediately fell in love. I love story telling, I love playing pretend it’s deep inside me. I was named after a Filipino actress too so that could have foreshadowed my life! Success to me is being happy, some people look down at living a simple life in a small town, but if someone is happy and fulfilled then their ahead of most of the world.

7. With so many intriguing female characters onscreen, do you think women are getting enough recognition for their work in the industry today?

It’s getting better, but interesting leading lady roles still have a long way to go compared to what’s out there for men, especially ethnic women. There are so many amazing stories out there we have to tell.

8. Tell us about your life away from the camera.

Well, I just moved back to New York to be closer to my friends and family. I’m focusing on them a lot lately. Cooking dinners and just catching up on lost times.

9. Can you let us in on any future projects? New York has a lot of great projects moving out here and in development, which I’m excited about. I’ll let you know what’s on the horizon soon!

10. Lastly, what do you think best represents being an entertainer? Is it distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences?

I think it’s a cocktail of things, most of them intangible. Entertainers are born to perform.

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