The Sizzling Women @ Sunscreen Film Festival 2014

1. Sarah Deakins in “Greece”

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– Eternally gorgeous Sarah is an enigmatic goddess and should be lauded as one of the sexiest women on the planet.
– Ever the storyteller, she’s the writer, director and star of the poignant short “Greece” that re-defines the mother-daughter bond.
– From sci-fi to horror, Sarah has long been admired for her mesmerizing facets and she also has quite the sultry voice.

2. Elizabeta Vidovic in “Complexion”


– Elizabeta is a multi-talented Bosnian-born actress who has the natural instincts to inhabit the nuance of the character she plays.
– She’s at her riveting best in the thrilling short “Complexion” as a women who is beset by the traumatic experience of being stalked.
– Her daughter Izabela Vidovic is following in her eminent footsteps as she’s already been in hit shows such as “About A Boy” and “The 100”.

3. Erica Derrickson in “Into The Night”


– What can we say but fall in love with Erica’s ravishing blue eyes and she’s a blossoming indie actress with a fetching appeal.
– In the noir-ish short “Into The Night”, she’s just as delectable in black and white as she is in color, a vision of pure captivation.
– Don’t forget to check her out in the drama “Melt” where Erica is eye-catching as a starlet with a heart of gold who changes the lives of everyone around her.

4. Alexandra Fatovich & Katerina Mikailenko in “The Shower”

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– Zombie flicks seem to have the hottest leading ladies (think Teresa Palmer from “Warm Bodies”) so it’s no surprise to see the delightful Alexandra and Katerina dazzling up the indie zom-com “The Shower”.
– Not only are these two actresses easy on the eyes, they are also two of the most personable women in the industry and for a fan that’s sheer joy!
– They’re also appeared with some of the biggest names, for Alexandra, it was with Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez and for Katerina, it was with Malcolm McDowell.

5. Sean Young in “The Man From The City”


– Sean Young is an obsession that never goes away as she is a timeless beauty and should be regarded as an iconic screen siren.
– Don’t miss out on her enchanting ways as she stars in the short film “The Man With No City” that’s replete with generous intrigue.
– She also has a great sense of humor and if they ever remade the classic “No Way Out”, let her as well as Kevin Costner be reunited in their roles forwarded to the present!

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