Sizzling Cutie: Tiffany DeMarco

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Horror Film Festivals have a habit of introducing delightful fresh faces and Tiffany DeMarco is primed for passionate ardor. Her path in the industry reminds me of the rise of Danielle Harris who got her big break in “Halloween”. Similarly on Oct 14 at ScreamFest LA, it’s the new horror flick “Parlor” which sees Tiffany as the lead could get her the requisite attention. While some may already be comparing “Parlor” with “Hostel” since it delves into the playbook of torture porn aka the well-known gorno genre, the directors have promised fascinating twists. Getting a tattoo is painful but “Parlor” takes it to whole different level of misery! Tickets are actually sold out so expect the buzz to descent big time this Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Here’s some tidbits by Tiffany of her time working on “Parlor”:

‘Parlor was amazing to work on. I worked with some of the most talented people I have ever met and spent 5 weeks shooting in Lithuania. It was the best experience of my life. The directors Kenny Gage and Devon Downs were professional and magnificent in what they did. They had no problem pulling a performance out of me with their insightful advice and knowledge of the craft. Robert Lasardo was absolutely brilliant and our scenes, I believe, were magic! Andrew Pagana, as one of the producers, was fantastic in problem solving and getting things done, a real honor to have worked with him. The cast and crew were phenomenal and I think this will definitely be a wild and crazy ride for our audience.’

Kudos to Tiffany for having graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in filmmaking and she’s already juggling duties as a writer/director. She has a few feature scripts in writing and is conjuring up some series ideas for the web. She’s currently editing them at the moment so hopefully they will be coming out soon for everyone to enjoy. Her other feature she participated and did stunts was for the movie “Raze” which is now on Showtime (also a horror/action movie). Tiffany also did an interesting short called “Soylent” (above) where she plays a hippie vegan of an ex whose idea of revenge is feeding her meat without her knowledge. Expect her to be part of even more intriguing projects as she blossoms on the independent scene.

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