Indie Princess: Meghan Chadeayne


One of the most sensual women in the horror genre, Meghan Chadeayne is heating up your world as well as mine. She is the star attraction of the horror film “Naked Zombie Girl screening Oct 16th at ScreamFest LA 2014. Meghan is the quintessential horror vixen who looks stunning even with blood all over her body! Hacking zombies with a chainsaw is a hard day’s work in a girl’s life with one reviewer calling Meghan hot as hell which we wholeheartedly agree. She also kicks reanimated ass as as a zombie slayer and would certainly be welcomed in the posse of one Rick Grimes (from “The Walking Dead”) posse.

Here’s Meghan describing more about her role in the gory “Naked Zombie Girl”:

‘Naked Zombie Girl is a traditional grind house short film, shot in a retro 70’s style, about a prostitute named Barbara on the run during the zombie apocalypse. She makes a run for it but looses her dress! It has a lot of throwback to traditional zombie movies such as Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead. ‘


Meghan has recently wrapped another horror film by award winning director Michael S. Rodriguez titled, ‘Lamb Feed’. It’s an awesome gore/slasher flick also starring cult legend actor Arch Hall Jr. and House of 1000 Corpses, Robert Mukes. She’s also gracing film festivals around the US for both of her horror films, and is gearing up to film a new short in Alabama in the middle of November. The horror genre is blessed to have Meghan playing strong female characters who rise as heroines in what is often painted onscreen as a bloody world. Likewise Meghan is on the ascendency and she could be the center of attention for years to come.

Remember to check out her website and be enamored with one of the sexiest women on our planet!

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