Sizzling Cutie: Julie Rose

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Julie Rose has the girl next door looks yet she projects a bewitching intensity bound to gain avid passion. Although she’s no innocent wallflower in “House Of Manson” which is screening at this year’s Twin Cities Film Festival. She stars as the controversial Leslie Van Houten, the youngest member of the heinous Manson family who herself participated in killing sprees. It would be mighty interesting to pick the psychotic mind of Leslie and Julie will no doubt bring a sinister edge to her character. Reliving those nightmarish scenes is only part of what looks like a brilliant depiction of a man with unimaginable bloodlust and endowed with the charisma to influence others to do his bidding. Julie is part of a super gorgeous cast which includes Suzi Lorraine, Devanny Pinn, Serena Lorien, Erin Marie Hogan and many others. Not only are they beautiful and eminently talented, these girls are a most gracious group who value their horror fans all over the world! So don’t miss those “House Of Manson premieres of “House Of Manson” happening on Saturday, October 18th at 9:00PM and the encore screening Monday, October 20th at 9:30PM!!

I’m already itching to watch the madness unfold and “House Of Manson” must sure be one of the indie gems of 2014. Who knew the fairer sex can be this scary and so expect Julie to beguile with her mesmerizing portrayal of an impressionable yet unstable woman. Makes you wonder how many female serial killers there were back in the drug fueled days in the late ’60s. While Julie can be regarded as appealingly quirky, it would be great to see her in a TV show like “Fargo” where she’ll be right at home in that dark comedic setting. This week she’ll be at the Twin Cities Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota promoting “House Of Manson” and Julie could soon be the toast of the town.

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