Indie Princess: Tabitha Bastien

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The radiance of a lady is always to be admired and blue-eyed blonde Tabitha Bastian has the often sought after comely appeal. One only has to peek into the women of the horror genre to be enamored with beauties such as Tabitha who has been hailed as Seattle’s Scream Queen. She’s the star of “The Anatomy of Monsters” which premieres this Sunday, Oct 19 at the Seattle Gothic Film Festival 2014. Portraying Sarah Chambers, a woman who is lured into a hotel room by an emotionally unhinged man, it seems she may not be just the unwilling victim at all! She can definitely exude an edgy femme fatale persona if called upon in such a role. Not only is Tabitha a versatile actress having dabbled in dramatic and comedic work, she’s also a huge horror fanatic (wonder what’s her favorite all time movie??). She has indicated she would love to meet up with fellow horror fans and I’d probably ask Tabitha on the day I get to connect with her in person.

Slated to star in “The Toyol”, a supernatural thriller steeped in Asian Folklore, she could soon be well received by Asian horror moviegoers. Although I’ve yet to come across one, the Toyol legend is well known in the South East Asia region including Singapore where I reside; a goblin-like creature with a craving for blood and the propensity to steal valuables for its master. On the web, she’s been part of the award-winning series “STILL” which has zombie origins as small Northwest town is plagued by an unknown infection and survivors seek sanctuary. We can’t wait for more of Tabitha as she starts to make a name for herself.

Drop by the TABITHA BASTIEN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates on this gorgeous starlet.

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