Sizzling Cutie: Natalie Palamides

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Adorable flair is a most loving trait one can associate with Natalie Palamides who is a breath of fresh comedic air. She’s one of the stars of the closing film “My Name is Vivienne” at the La Femme Film Festival 2014. Playing the naive Caitlin, she’s a well-intentioned young lady who is the friend of fading starlet Vivienne (Alexandria McCale) whose hit show was cancelled. While trying to capture her lost glory, Vivienne starts to leech on her friends including Caitlin and misadventures ensue. Natalie is already working on a web series called “The Caitlin Chronicles”, a spin-off from the feature “My Name is Vivienne” which will follow her tribulations while finding a job. Besides her mastery in Clowning, Voice Over, and jumping on a pogo stick, it’s her penchant for un-beautifying herself while delving into her sometimes dowdy characters that will garner her much admiration. Kudos to funny women like Natalie who do indeed go the distance for their craft!

Here’s Natalie revealing quite a bit of her current and upcoming projects:

I got a small role in my first major feature a couple months ago, produced by Sony, called “Kitchen Sink” where I play a creepy ex best friend of one of the lead characters. Also, I’m about to start shooting more episodes of a web series called “Burning Bridges” where I play an up tight, well-off girl, which is fun, because I’m not normally cast as that type of character. I also just finished doing a few different voices for an educational short called “Planet X,” written and directed by one of the story writers for “The Lion King,” Jim Capobianco. Other than that I’m constantly doing improv/sketch/clown with my friends, and two groups I’m a part of, “Wet the Hippo,” which is directed by a lead clown of Cirque du Soleil, John Gilkey, and “Little Red Feathers.” I’ll also be traveling to Philadelphia this spring to continue developing a project with the Obie Award Winning, “Pig Iron Theatre Company.”

Natalie is more than capable of bring to life these quirky slices of life that make women such fascinating subjects and with her ingenuity, she may soon be shining brightly!

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