The Hottest Women In Televison Who Turn Us On!

1. Justine Lupe in “Cristela”


– Not only is she stunning, Justine is also self-effacing and down-to-earth which is mightily appealing to fans the world over.
– She joins the cast of the new multi-cam semi-autobiographical comedy “Cristela” as Maddie, a fellow intern at the law firm where Cristela landed her internship.
– Justine has already shown she can be a tease as the older teacher who creates the underage love fantasy with some lip play in the hit show “Shameless”!

2. Camille Collard in “Jane The Virgin”

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– What can we say but swoon as the comedy genre in this era has some of the most gorgeous women and includes the vivacious upcoming starlet Camille Collard.
– Don’t miss her as Frankie on “Jane The Virgin” as a major player throughout the season of this comedy about a woman who gets accidentally pregnant via artificial insemination.
– Without a doubt, this model/actress has those ravishing features we can’t get enough of especially with her lead in “Pageant Girl” that’s currently in post-production.

3. Chanel Marriott in “Hawaii Five-0”

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– A lady can be a Goddess even at a tender age and exciting prospect Chanel is effortlessly one of the most luminously beautiful actresses on the planet.
– This photogenic young Australian talent is set to captivate this week on Episode 5 (Ho’oilina) of “Hawaii Five-0” as the younger version of a woman who brings a compelling case to Steve McGarrett.
– Having already won the Best Performance Lead Actress for her portrayal of Penny in the film, Penny Arcade at The 35th Annual Young Artist Awards 2014, she’s at the cusp of stardom!

4. Aleksandra Kaniak in “Castle”


– Polish-born actress Aleksandra exudes both a sexy and sweet vibe making her one of the most desirable women onscreen.
– She’s guest-starring on “Castle” as a grieving Georgian mother whose son got killed, sparking Castle and Kate Beckett to solve the murder.
– Aleksandra has been an engaging presence in many roles most notably as Olga Myshkin, a Wesen in the popular series “Grimm”.

5. Hannah Levien in “Supernatural”

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– Regarded as an amazing dramatic actress thanks to her fascinating turn in “Children Of Sorrow”, Hannah is proving why we are addicted to Aussie Vixens!
– She can be seen in an upcoming episode of “Supernatural” this season as well guest-starring on “Backstrom” in 2015. A coveted talent indeed!
– In fact Hannah just attended the festivities celebrating 200 episodes of “Supernatural” just this week and she’s a vision of elegance on the red carpet.

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