Canadian Vixen: Lindsay Smith


The radiant Lindsay Smith is a name audiences especially horror fans will be clamoring for in no time seeing how she’s already gaining buzz. She’s the star of “One More For The Road” playing one-half of a married couple whose road trip in hopes of rekindling their stale marriage goes sideways. Lindsay and her Jeff Sinasac are the drivers of this compelling short film with their natural ability to ratchet up the tension. She’s amazing as Diane in “One More For The Road” alongside Jeff and completely wretched for practically the entire film. Just like the addictive song “The Comfort” by Crush Distance on the trailer, Lindsay is going to be hypnotic. She is nominated for “Best Actress – Short Film” at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2014 which means she’ll be coveted this weekend during Halloween and beyond.

Lindsay’s cuteness level is off the charts which means we’ll be in her corner especially if her roles see her in any spot of bother. With her shining in themes that thread the psychological such as in her first feature “In the House of Flies”, keep your eye peeled on Lindsay making her mark. This Halloween, they’re actually replaying one of my fav films of all time on Netflix, the under-rated “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” which sparked the successful careers of Amber Heard and Whitney Able. This time it may just be the start of a flourishing path for upcoming Canadian starlet Lindsay Smith. We want our women onscreen to be mesmerizing yet relatable and she’s a born captivator.

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