Rising Starlet: Katie O’ Malley

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Every so often, we’re left enamored with fresh faces onscreen and vivacious Katie O’Malley is on her way to garner adoration. Besides film especially in the horror genre, television is the medium to be awed by breakout actresses and Katie is a bright prospect indeed. Evidently likable, she has a Sandra Bullock meets Emily VanCamp pleasing affront and you will love Katie’s sweet nature just as much. She’s in the new series “Kingdom” which while high on testosterone on account of its MMA themes has a bevy of beauties with Katie joining the likes of Kiele Sanchez. Katie is a vision of youthfulness which is bound to be a highly fancied trait.

She can also be seen in the upcoming drama “The Studio Club” as Caitlyn, who is one of the girls who befriends the lead character and introduces her to the other girls. It is a thriller that stars Mark Rolston as well as Brian Krause and she’s very excited about it! Her next project will be a TV series called “Apple of Sin” and concurrently she’s busy dabbling in modeling. Seeing how Katie is a looker in bikinis, she reminds us to contemplate her foxy visage next summer. In the weeks ahead, let’s start a passion movement for the richly deserving Katie.

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