Screen Siren: Marilyn Ghigliotti

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Marilyn Ghigliotti is an enduring icon who is revered for her stirring work in the indie genre. Most notably she starred in the cult hit “Clerks” directed by auteur Kevin Smith as Veronica, enrapturing the world with her sassy boldness. A daring, controversial role too at that time with her character revealing she participated in the act of giving mouth organ (as Craig Ferguson would say) a total of 37 times! It’s easy to see why Kevin Smith chose her as she’s perfect as Veronica, the loyal girlfriend who wants the best for her man in spite of her risqué past. IMDB rates “Clerks” as Number 14 on the Most Popular List Of Films released in 1994 which is a significant achievement and thanks to Marilyn’s riveting performance I’m sure! With the news that she’s slated to reprise her notable role for Clerks III next year, she’ll once again be in the limelight. Pop culture fans can converge at Autograph Table #12 this weekend at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2014 to get precious mementos (some may have already sold out!) as well as rub shoulders with Marilyn.

She’s also threading a swath of different genres having been seen in the sci-fi actioners “Starship Rising” and will be appearing alongside Lance Henriksen in the horror flick “Lake Eerie”. She also did a ’90s flashback comedy called “Geek USA” which if you were a “Clerks” fan would see this is the right time to have a web series dedicated to the life of Veronica. There’s always been captivators through the years who have defined a generation as Marilyn did in the ’90s and she is undeniably a star in her own right!

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