Must Watch Starlets at the Wild Rose Indie Film Fest 2014

1. Jessica Sonneborn, Kristina Page, Eliza Swenson & Sarah Nicklin in “Alice D”

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– Just like beautiful roses, these four sexy ladies from the supernatural thriller “Alice D” are blooming with riveting magnetism and taking our breath away!
– Jessica, Kristina, Eliza and Sarah are multi-talented and have each portrayed some of the most memorable women in the indie genre.
– Kudos to the delectable Jessica for directing and starring in “Alice D”, a testament to her captivating ways on and off screen as well as her fresh perspective on filmmaking.
– The mesmerizing Kristina is of course the revenge-seeking titular Alice who proves to be a haunting presence. She’s scary in the movie yet a real sweetheart in person!
– Eliza is 100% a vixen and appears as a femme fatale who instills some of the twists in “Alice D”. With her foxy facade, she was born to play a bad girl!
– A beloved Scream Queen, Sarah Nicklin consistently beguiles and yet again she does as the sister of Alice who is sold to a brothel. She’s no stranger to challenging roles.
– Don’t forget to drop by the ALICE D Facebook Page to view the latest posters as they’re pretty saucy and forebodes darkness all at the same time!

2. Alicia Fusting in “Route 30,Three”


– One of the darlings of the indie genre, she’s been in the whole trilogy of the award-winning comedy “Route 30” that features a host of eccentric people.
– Likewise with her starring as Darlene Donkey in her upcoming film “Drugs & Other Love”, she’ll corner the market and shine in some zany roles.
– If the comedy genre was a playground for some of the sexiest women then Alicia would be high on the enviable list.

3. Mackenzie Meehan in “These Hopeless Savages”

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– On a scale of 10 for cuteness, Mackenzie is as close to a 10 as one can get, a picture of angelic allure destined for infatuation.
– A scene stealer and a charmer in “These Hopeless Savages”, she previously did the same alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
– She’s currently shooting Scorsese’s new pilot, “Untitled Rock and Roll.” It does mean Mackenzie’s time in the spotlight is very much in the making!

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