Indie Princess: Jamie Carroll

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The indie genre is blessed with exceptionally talented women and Jamie Carroll is a vision of beauty as she is at creating beautiful stories onscreen. This writer, director and actress in this month alone could be the talk of town seeing how she’s part of 2 short films likely to make a big impression at 2 film festivals. The first is “Just Ask” which will be screening at the on-going Big Apple Film Festival 2014 on Nov 9th and the second is where’s she’ll ask the question “Are We A Bad Person just because of 1 fateful action in our lifetime”?

Here’s Jamie giving us a glimpse of her current and future projects:

Just Ask is a fun romantic comedy and I get to play the somewhat skeptical best friend who may or may not want what’s best for her best friend. It was a fun shoot, with a great cast and crew! Right now I am making the festival rounds with my short film, which I wrote, performed and directed called “Jane, Then Gone”. It just won the award for Best Narrative Short at the Flyway Film Festival in Lake Pepin, WI which I was lucky enough to attend and it will screen Friday, November 21 as part of the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival. I am about three quarters of the way finished on another short I am writing and will also direct. It’s been thrilling to create work alongside such talented folks!

In “Jane, Then Gone”, she does keep viewers guessing on the psyche of the character she plays which serves to deepen the mystery of the story. Could she already be the mistress of ambiguous endings? November will not only be remembered for being the month of Movember but also when up and coming actresses like Jamie beckon in fascinating fashion.

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