Sizzling Cutie: Samantha Rivers Cole


Indie fever is brewing and the ebullient Samantha Rivers Cole is a big part of the passion movement. This weekend she’s starring in the comedic short film “” which is an official selection at the Big Apple Film Festival. Samantha is no stranger to festivals having been part of the indie horror flick “The Gilgo Beach Murders” which had a two week long screening in Long Island where she was a tease onscreen. With her dreamy eyes and alabaster skin tone, she’s a comely lady indeed. Samantha was also the lead in the play “Blood Sky”, written by excellent female playwright Yasmin Beverly Rana. She took to the stage as Joley 14, a troubled adolescent struggling to overcome her traumatic past.

Here’s Samantha giving us a tease of her upcoming film:

Currently I am working on the feature film, “Scars of a Predator”, written by Andy Troy. I play Wendy Harper, the sweet and innocent victim of notorious serial killer William Arnold, disturbingly and excellently played by Scott Kozel. Wendy is brutally raped and murdered and then comes back from the grave with her fellow victims astutely played by Alexandra Giordano, Lauren Tang Spear, and horror film star Tina Krause for gruesome revenge. Also of note is brilliant character actor G. Paul Salvetti, playing William Arnold’s guttersnipe buddy.

“Scars of a Predator” has all the makings of an horror classic with its nod to revenge films such as “I Spit on Your Grave” only this time with the undead twist! There’s never been been a better time to take note of the rise of starlets such as Samantha who is delving into darker territory across features and who could be an indie darling.

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