Canadian Vixen: Caleigh Le Grand

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Actress/writer/photographer/producer Caleigh Le Grand is a blossoming enchanter of the indie arena in Canada. She is a vision of foxiness and it shows whether she’s a blonde, brunette or a redhead on both sides of the screen. While she’s a whiz on the comedy/improve scene, Caleigh is certainly about to make a grand entrance with her indie anthology horror flick “Late Night Double Feature” playing Brii an oddball client with a rather violent past. She’s the leading lady of the second segment called “Slit” which is self mutilation at its goriest with dismembering of limbs being its bloody premise. Making its world premiere at the NYC Horror Film Fest 2014, “Late Night Double Feature” sees Caleigh as a masochist in a riveting performance we won’t soon forget. It’s awesome to see someone as adorable as Caleigh channel the darkness within in fascinating fashion.

Caleigh is also starring in “Save Yourself” which has the who’s who of Canadian horror starlets comprising Jessica Cameron (“Truth Or Dare”), Sydney Kondruss (“The Drownsman”) and many more whom I’m connecting as we speak. There’s so much more to uncover about Caleigh and her ventures on film will be watched with much anticipation.

Visit the CALEIGH LE GRAND OFFICIAL SITE for the latest updates on this lovely and talented lady.

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