Foxy Femme: Lisa Datz

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On this blog, hot, talented blondes are often put on a pedestal and the gorgeous Lisa Datz will no doubt garner plenty of adulation. This past week, if you’ve seen the episode “The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round” (what a title!!) on Season 10 of “Bones”, you’ll spot the beguiling Lisa. She plays the saucy McKenzie Solloway who is a suspect in the murder of a trader and with that sensual voice of hers, it’s no wonder she’s viewed as a femme fatale. Pursing those lips, she exudes an alluring confidence and it’s palpable she’s delectable in shades of pink (see her in “Bones” and her photo above). With the big news that she’s appearing in the live action feature “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” which also stars Antonia Banderas, she’s a name on the rise.

Lisa has already appeared alongside another big name Richard Gere in the inspirational drama “Time Out of Mind” which shows how appearances are everything in our society. It can be the difference between being celebrated or being completely ignored seeing how Richard played a homeless man and was actually disregarded during the shoot! Lisa did get to work with both Richard Gere and Ben Vereen where she highlighted one of the cool aspects was the process with Director Oren Moverman shooting anamorphically. If you’re a “Castle” fan, don’t forget to check her out as an obscure German food blogger who may be targeted for death in the episode Meme is Murder. In addition to her work on TV/Film, she’s also a voice-over artist, singer, writer, host, dancer and has dazzled on Broadway. The New York Times has lauded her as having undeniable stage appeal and she’s now bringing her swoon-worthy ways to our very doorsteps. Lisa’s got us itching for more!

Drop by the LISA DATZ OFFICIAL SITE and keep your eyes peeled for this pretty starlet.

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