5 TV Starlets To Crave In 2014/2015

1. Jessica Pimentel in “Person Of Interest”


– Jessica is a genuine talent who beguiles in the skin of fearless characters and she effortlessly does once more in “Person Of Interest”.
– Playing tough as nails Floyd, second to criminal mastermind Dominic she could be spicing up proceedings and perhaps providing more twists.
– Of course, many can’t wait for her to enchant again as Maria Ruiz in the upcoming 3rd Season of “Orange Is the New Black” as we get to delve into her troubled life.

2. Sylvia Jefferies & Monique Plante in “Nashville”

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– Sylvia as we know shone as Jolene, the mum of Hayden Panettiere’s Juliette on “Nashville” and her return presumably in flashbacks (her character died) should whet the appetite.
– Moniqua has a guest-starring role as the saucy love interest Natasha who could complicate things for one Teddy Conrad.
– Here are 2 gorgeous ladies who deserve every bit of the limelight and their down-to-earth persona makes it a must to be their fan!

3. Maya Stojan in “Castle”

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– What more can I say but be in awe of the Goddess that is Maya, her riveting allure is deserving of passionate fervor.
– Famed for being Tory Ellis, everyone’s favorite techie on the hit show “Castle”, she’s a big draw together with Stana Katic on why we’re hooked every episode.
– Maya also recently had a memorable turn as Agent 33 who is unfortunately brainwashed into joining the evil organization HYDRA in “Marvels Agents Of Shield”.

5. Chelsey Reist in “The 100”


– It seems like Eliza Taylor’s not the only blonde hottie with Chelsey reprising her role as gunner Harper in Season 2 of “The 100”, returning for more action and flirting…:)
– She’s certainly flying the flag of delectable Canadian actresses and with her affable personality, she may be the special one in the hearts of many.
– From gritty actioners to lesbian scenes (see her and Sharon Hinnendael sizzle in “Embrace Of The Vampire”), Chelsey challenges herself and continues to be a fascinating actress.

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