Sizzling Cutie: Erinn Ruth


The enchanting Erinn Ruth could soon be making her mark and she’ll be adored by many soon enough. At this year’s Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, Erinn stars in the eye-opening short film “Happy Hour”. It’s a tale we only know too well as a woman’s past childhood abuse come flooding back after she indulges in a martini on a date. Can she ever be the same and find love? Erinn did receive a Mavrick Movie Awards Best Actress nomination for her role which goes to show how compelling she was with such emotional content. Another significant thing about “Happy Hour” is that the narration is provided by none other than Julianne Moore a.k.a Alma Coin from “The Hunger Games Mockingjay”.

Thanks to Erinn, here’s more about her experience working on “Happy Hour”:

It’s based on a poem written and previously published by the director Gretl Claggett (who’s had many lives as an actor and writer..) and based on the very real experiences of her childhood. I play the adult version, coming to terms with memory, traumatic experience, it’s place in present life and how people find ways to use memory to empower themselves to move forward. So essentially, you witness this woman, triggered by something slight, slip back into a haunting memory that threatens to disrupt a potentially beautiful moment in the present and how much or how far she choses to let that rattle her own forward momentum. It’s all MOS, and the only “voice” I have is the narration of the poem itself from my point of view, read by Julianne Moore. So my job was to as grounded as possible in a piece which could have been overly stylized or easily very gratuitous. Hopefully I did that. But it is meant to bring awareness to the realities of childhood sexual abuse and all the participating players (conscious or not) and I just hope that I served that story in the best way possible.

Delving into what makes her appealing, I’ve discovered Erinn seems to have a way to keep us attentive by the use of her body language. She is indeed blessed with a gorgeous figure (you only have to check out her reel above) and yet it’s her expressiveness that seems to leave us enthused. 2014 did see Erinn guest starring on the popular TV series “Taxi Brooklyn” and there’s going to be even more dazzling moments to come from her. Seeing how she’s also a good friend of rising indie starlet Lucy Owen, Erinn is someone I would love to meet!

Don’t forget to check out the latest news on this beautiful talent by visiting the informative ERINN RUTH OFFICIAL SITE

One thought on “Sizzling Cutie: Erinn Ruth

  1. I enjoyed your beautiful portrayal in “Happy Hour.” Congratulations on your Maverick Film’s nomination as Best Actress. It is well deserved. I wish that I could have met you.

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