Sizzling Cutie: Chloe Hurst

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With a fascinating face that belongs on the covers of fashion magazines, Chloe Hurst is the epitome of a classic beauty. This England-born Australian siren brings the glamor girl X-factor to the fore, her mesmerizing ways a sign of things to come for this rising starlet. Having been discovered by one of Australia’s top modelling agencies, Viviens Models Australia, Chloe is poised to make a name for herself.

Here’s some big news from Chloe:

I am actually filming right now probably my most exciting project to date. I booked a role on The Nice Guys, a Warner Bros film directed by Shane Black and produced by Joel Silver. It’s stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe

Having recently been privy to the fashion world on account of my job at fashion label and glancing admirably at models, Chloe is as stunning as they come. Add the gorgeous Aussie accent and you’re likely to take a shine to the vivacious Chloe. She has been featured on Uniqlooks, a fashion community portal by Uniqlo where she gives us an insight into her style preference. Her notable leading lady role as a cancer stricken woman in “Scarlett” should inspire anyone with a touching love story intertwined with impending heartache. With numerous endeavors in multiple entertainment arenas, Chloe is destined to be much sought after.

Keep a firm eye on Chloe as she could soon hit the big time, following in the footsteps of Australian Vixens Teresa Palmer and Claire Holt. Reason enough to quickly head over to the CHLOE HURST OFFICIAL SITE.

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