Sizzling Canadian Starlets @ The Whistler Film Festival 2014

1. Justine Warrington in “Earthlickers”


– Not only is Justine dripping with talent good enough to lick, she’s written and starred in “Earthlickers”: the sci-fi/erotica/comedy short film that’s beguiling the world.
– As the busty and delicious Goddess X, she’s the queen of titillation alongside six others after descending on Earth to heal it with lots of vibration!
– Justine certainly knows how to infuse eroticism into comedy with a campy style that’s bound to tickle your fancy every which way.

2. Katie Boland in “The Date”


– Endearing and highly watchable, Katie is firmly regarded as one of the finest young actresses to emerge in Canada’s entertainment biz.
– Love does come in many forms and she dazzles in the short film “The Date” as Steph who meets her paramour in Toronto but will their romance be an enduring one?
– With high profile roles on “Reign” and a series of indie films, I have a feeling Katie is high on the list of actresses fans would love to win a chance to date!

3. Lisa Ovies in “After Film School”


– Lisa is one of the rising stars from Vancouver having shown she’s a draw with dazzling roles in “Mop King”, “Taking My Parents To Burning Man” and now “After Film School”.
– Having traversed the festival circuit, this indie princess is making waves and will be a must watch in the mockumentary meets musical “After Film School”.
– She may be delectably adorable but expect her to show different shades in the horror flick “Suspension” which she’s currently shooting.

4. Sarah Deakins in “Greece”


– I can tell you that there’s an esteemed number of amazing Sarahs in the industry and Ms. Deakins certainly has the riveting essence in abundance.
– Her graciousness is also a trait we will adore as are her wide-ranging, burgeoning talents both on and off screen.
– This bewitching brunette is the star and writer of the dramatic and emotionally driven short film “Greece” which has won her numerous accolades.

5. Sidney Leeder in “Bang Bang Baby”


– With a face of a Goddess that’s steeped in plentiful enticing qualities, Sidney is worthy of whistles of admiration.
– While she may have a mega-watt smile, don’t miss her in “Bang Bang Baby” alongside Jane Levy in an about-turn playing a mean girl!
– Remember to catch her in the sci-fi thriller “Debug” alongside fellow hottie Jeananne Goossen which is likely to be compared to the classic A.I. film “2001: A Space Odyssey”

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