Rising Starlet: Ilana Becker

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Doll-like actress Ilana Becker has the lovely essence that’s headed for passionate appreciation. With her most radiant smile, Ilana has that instant affect that’s rather enchanting. She’s Lisa Kudrow meets Brit Marling, the dazzling effervescence seems to flow naturally from her. She’s had her fair share of memorable moments on TV, from having her character blackmailed by Debra Messing on new show “The Mysteries Of Laura” and a saucy dancer Candice on the hit “Alpha House”. Check out excerpts from the show here: https://vimeo.com/104503774 and you will see that she’s quite the sultry lady. One has to love how as Candice, she thrusts her boobs onto the Senator’s face to plead her case. I’m all for women using their femininity to influence decision making and her shimmering dress does accentuate her obvious curves.

A natural comedienne, Ilana would certainly fit right at home in a show like “The Comebacks” of course helmed by Lisa Kudrow herself who also has “Web Therapy” up her funny sleeves. They say this is now the Golden Age of Television with the emergence so many talented women across the world regardless of age (wow Lisa herself is 51!!). Ilana is certainly one to cherish and even on MTV, she’s adding plenty of spice to reality series “Girl Code” which is a showcase of girl power in a weekly format regaling the tenets of womanhood. She’s known to possess the thoughtful balance of beauty, intelligence and wit which goes to show her blossoming credentials as a face to watch.

2 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Ilana Becker

  1. I believe Ilana is not only an accomplished actress, bound for great heights of monumental success. . .but she is also SMOKING HOT! ! !
    Sad item being that not much About her is out on the net; what are her likes/dislikes, favorite passions, her full birthdate/ place, etc.
    Anyway, Ilana truly is a marvelous Personality who I’d Love to meet–and is most assuradly headed for Greatness! ! !

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