Hotties On Film, TV and DVD – 11th Dec 2014

1. Jules Hartley in “Age Of Ice”

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– December is such a great month when it’s being graced by the beguiling Jules Hartley who stars in the winter disaster flick “Age Of Ice”
– Having been lucky enough to have met her in person, she can bewitch in any role and with her easy-going warmth would be a desirable figure indeed.
– Let’s hope she visits Singapore once more to sprinkle her enchanting dust as this indie princess garners the attention of moviegoers around the world.

2. Andrea Monier in “Day Of The Mummy”


– Catch her as Kate Alvarez in POV action flick “Day Of The Mummy, the only female in a group of adventurers who find horrors on their trip to Egypt.
– With her obvious seductive appeal, she reminds me of fellow actress Fairuza Balk of “The Craft” fame and if there was a remake, Andrea should be in line to be the leading lady witch!
– She channels the indie spirit not only as an actress but as an accomplished film-maker/producer with

3. Grace Bannon in “The Middle”

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– If ever there was an overflowing of cuteness on television right now, it has to be the effervescent and gifted young actress Grace Bannon.
– In an era where women are well represented on TV, it’s great to celebrate the vivacious Grace for making us chuckle as the ultra-religious yet awkward Ruth on “The Middle”.
– Don’t miss her returning as Ruth only this time as a babysitter to the quirky Brick (Atticus Shaffer) and showcase her ability to showcase some loopy goodness for viewers to enjoy.

4. Katie Stegeman in “Roadside”


– Charming from head to toe, Katie is blossoming into a craveworthy indie talent and very likely this generation’s much adored Scream Queen.
– Don’t miss her in the suspenseful “Roadside” as Mindy Summers, the pregnant wife who together with her husband is caught up in a terrifying game of life and death.
– This stunning blonde also sizzled in another riveting horror film in 2014 called “Contracted” as the lesbian lover of zombie in waiting Samantha (Najarra Townsend).

5. Jami Tennille in “Dark Minds”


– She has the gorgeous features reminiscent of classic beauties such as Jacklyn Smith and judging from her saucy new pics, Jami is a must for adoring passion.
– In the psychological thriller “Dark Minds”, she’s a vision of intrigue as a professional psychic who crosses path with a dangerous criminal with similar abilities.
– With her touch of old-fashioned charm and reflective elegance, I envision Jami to star in period pieces onscreen soon enough.

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