Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 16 Dec 2014

1. Kaitlyn Black, Aynsley Bubbico & Mallory Moye in “Hart Of Dixie”

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– These triple threat of talented cuties are the reason why we’re so hot for TV and they are back in Season 4 to enchant with utmost grace every week.
– Couldn’t help but noticed that here is a trifecta of gorgeous women who happen to be a brunette, blonde and redhead. It’s also telling of the different shades Kaitlyn, Aynsley & Mallory can paint onscreen.
– With the fashionable threads she’s often seen in as Annabeth Nass, Kaitlyn is steadily growing into her own as a fashion maven on and off the red carpet having already earned plaudits alongside Sarah Hyland.
– If there’s one gal that can make a character look cool, it would be Aynsley. From Queen B to Bluebell Sweetheart Sadie and most recently an arty blogger on “Faking It”, she’s praiseworthy from head to toe.
– Enchantingly down-to-earth, Mallory showcased why she is such a favorite on the show as Wanda Lewis and this likable actress has been such a blessing. She’s also a fine comedienne and singer thrusting her into adorable levels.

2. Amanda Thomson in “Ascension”


– 2014 is not over and yet there’s a rising starlet in the beguiling form of Amanda Thomson who is slated to dazzle in the intriguing “Ascension”.
– She plays the mysterious Lorelai Wright whose murder becomes one of the drivers of this new series on SYFY. Could she be TV Land’s Amy Dunne ala Gone Girl?
– Possessing the much sought after enigmatic blue eyes, Amanda is definitely someone who turns heads just like the bio of her character Lorelai reveals here.

3. Kate Alden in “The Device”


– She is a certified indie goddess especially with her riveting performance as Rebecca, the sister with a well-versed view of life until an alien artifact come
– Kate is also expected to shine in the upcoming horror film “The Darker Path” and it is reflective of her abilities to craft a character’s burgeoning path in varying genres.
– Come January, viewers will get a treat as she appears in Episode 6 of “The Librarians” starring Rebecca Romijn which is sure to catapult her to popularity.

4. Sadie Alexandru in “Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage”

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– It’s easy to see why Sadie plays Firoozeh, the paramour of Sinbad who also comes to her rescue. This alluring and curvaceous brunette captivates the heart of many with ease.
– Television got her instant recognition from her early work on “Femme Fatales” to her notable appearance on hit show “Mad Men”. She also guest-starred on “The Fosters” early in the year.
– She’s also has the features that can encompass any era on film or TV, an innate and delectable retro quality which is deserving of global adulation.

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