Sizzling Cutie: Taylor Treadwell

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Taylor Treadwell can certainly be admired as a future star in the making and she’s about to make a splash in 2015 on television. The here and now is all about the emerging faces on TV and with her role on Season 11 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, she’s one to covet. Taylor has already shown she can be bewitching as Mia on “The Vampire Diaries”, the witch with magic and then some. She’s certainly high on the list of actresses I’d love to interview and that’s something to look forward to when I take the plunge next year by taking a trip to the US. Taylor’s from Memphis, Tennessee which we now know has its fair share of enchanting talents. A few years back when horror films saw a resurgence, there came the rise of actresses such as Danielle Harris, Scout Taylor-Compton and Kristina Klebe. Now television is the go to medium when it comes to discovering hot young faces on the ascendancy and Taylor has the widespread appeal to be an audience delight. This week alone we’ve seen female leading ladies engaged the world (such as the shocking killing by Eliza Taylor’s Clarke of Finn, the man she loves on “The 100”) and one can envision seeing Taylor playing a strong part across any series.

Already she’s nabbed roles on “Scandal” and “Homeland”, illustrating her calling could well be on TV which can often lead to bigger things. For some viewers, you may remember in “Knight and Day” where she’s the catalyst that bonds the characters of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. From her photos, I adore how she’s a vision of beguilement whenever she employs the smoky look and if there’s one gal who does it with poise, she would be Taylor. Coupled with her sweet nature, there’s reasons aplenty to view her as a figure to love.

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