Canadian Vixen: Momona Komagata

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Destined to evoke passion thanks to her charismatic poise, Momona Komagata is a Canadian starlet on the rise. Multi-lingual and already an accomplished actress/model/action superstar/gymnast, she’s a born performer destined for swoon-worthy status. It’s about ending the year on a high and Momona is indeed a sizzler to last a lifetime. If you’re into exotic brunettes such as Chloe Bennet and Lindsey Morgan then the enchanting Momona would be one to crave with similar gusto. Her French/Japanese heritage is the best of both worlds with her ravishing luminosity very much in the desirable range.

One only has to see her eclectic bio reel (above) to notice she’s a talent with interesting facets. Controversial film “The Interview” is getting all the headlines in the online space but in the blogosphere, Momona is one actress I’d love to do an interview with…:) Blessed be, it so happens she’s given us an in-depth look at her wealth of upcoming projects:

Currently in post, there are Collar, Peelers, The Delicate Art of Puppetry, Eye for and Eye and Artistic Vision. COLLAR is a feature film in which I play Rachel, the female lead’s pregnant wife. It’s a very gory horror and I really cant say much without spoiling the plot. I had a great time working with Aidan Dee and Nick Principe; both really talented actors. It was my first time playing pregnant, so it was a great experience. PEELERS is another indie horror feature film and I’m one of the leads by the name of Frankie. I’m a super feisty stripper with kickboxing skills. This was an amazing set surrounded by a ton of talented actors; friends for life! I trained for a couple months in kickboxing and pole dancing to prepare for the part and did all my own stunts. THE DELICATE ART OF PUPPETRY is a comedy, also an indie feature. I’m the female lead Megan whom becomes romantically involved with a guy who carries his two puppets everywhere. The puppets have developed a personality of their own and I even had to animate them a couple times. Very fun! EYE FOR AN EYE is a short film that I produced and starred in. It will air on a VOD channel in Vancouver, BC. I got to work with a passionate team and we garnered a grant for our efforts. Artistic Vision is a short comedic musical in which I’m also the lead. I didn’t get to sing and dance in the number, but I hope I get to do it for another project soon.

I also filmed a stunt acting part for the TV series CONTINUUM. Although I was only on for one episode, a stunt and a few lines, it was an amazing experience with a welcoming and encouraging team.

Currently filming are Distortion, Year of the Minotaur, All About Sarah Niles, 24/604 and Turning Point. DISTORTION is a film noir in which I’m the female lead. It’s a beautiful film full of gorgeous imagery and subtext. YEAR OF THE MINOTAUR is an indie found footage feature in which I’m the lead. This has been an extremely fulfilling experience so far as an actor. Lots of monologues and juicy scenes that let me indulge in my craft. ALL ABOUT SARAH NILES is a film adaptation of the book Loving the Pink Kiss. It’s a lesbian drama and we are in the rehearsal stages right now. 24/604 is a lifestyle show currently in its second season and airing on Novus TV. I’m the Food and Drink host which means I get to go to restaurants, get fed and review them. Exploring the best of my city’s culinary experiences has been and continues to make me feel so blessed. Finally, Turning Point is a TV series for the Christian Youth Channel. I am a recurring character and I get to be the ‘bad guy’. It’s one of my first times playing a villain and I have to say that I love it!

Remember to drop by the MOMONA KOMAGATA OFFICIAL SITE for more juicy media. If there’s one lady that cameras or any photo-taking device would love it would be the vivacious Momona. Are you in love with her yet?

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