TV Siren : Amanda Serra

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Television is the very medium to start adoring women onscreen and with her ebullience, many will soon notice Amanda Serra. She’s representing the genuine faces we know exist in real life and it’s refreshing to see Amanda with her grey locks. They are the new sexy and in any woman, there’s always a magnetic quality one can discover with Amanda already making an impression. You may have seen her in “Newsreaders”, the TV series on Adult Swim that pokes fun at news magazine format. In the episode “F- Dancing, Are You Decent?”, she plays a hippie who is liberal in her views on a new dance trend that many others frown upon. Check out the skit here:

In Season 10 of “Criminal Minds” airing this week, catch her in the role of Mary Fallon on Episode 11 called “The Forever People”. It will be yet another dark and twisted journey into the minds of the wicked.

Here’s more from Amanda revealing her latest career updates:

In November 2014, I finished shooting Kelso Entertainment’s film “Mrs. Walker” which is now in post. I played the title role of a woman bent on revenge. It was a lot of fun dusting off old combat and firearm skills. I get back to LA at the beginning of January in time to start shooting the fractured fairytale series “Banish’d”. It is a scripted comedy with improv elements. I play the role of the witch, Hexe.

Keep following Amanda in 2015 for she’s in exciting features worth waiting for and remember to visit the AMANDA SERRA OFFICIAL SITE for the latest news.

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