Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 20 Jan 2015

1. Gabrielle Stone, Felissa Rose & Ashley Sumner in “Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard”

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– Gabrielle is solidifying her status as one of the hottest faces in the indie horror genre and her starring role as the emotionally torn Nikki Slater in “Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard” is vividly captivating.
– Felissa is the iconic Scream Queen whom many will be fond of thanks to her haunting portrayals and she does so once more as the religious fanatic Lia!
– Ashley Sumner is beauty personified and she’s very alluring as the zombie killer Kennedy equipped with deadly weapons as well as moves.

2. Emily Swallow in “Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce”


– We all missed Emily’s Agent Kim Fischer in the Mentalist and wished she returned to her spicy things up again in Season 7 which was not to be.
– However fans can catch a glimpse of Emily as she pops up with sheer enchantment on the new comedic series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”
– She does possess the indelible charm that has a way of easing into our affection and she recently brought all of that to her sold-out show “Jac n’ Swallow”!

3. Cathy Baron in “Justified”


– Her performances as the morally questionable Teri in “Justified” is as riveting as those by Annaleigh Ashford from “Masters Of Sex”.
– Returning to Season 6 on 20th January, Cathy is effortlessly turning into one of the most desirable women ever to grace television.
– It’s a blessing to know this dedicated and multi talented actress who must surely be considered one of the most divine women on our planet.

4. Kelli Barrett in “Zarra’s Law”


– She’s played everything from strippers, escorts, call girls and gals of the night yet she has an innocence about her that’s such an enigma.
– Kelli is avidly recognizable on television with consistently entrancing roles on “Blue Bloods”, “Chicago Fire” and “NCIS”.
– Don’t miss her in the indie actioner, “Zarra’s Law” about a retired police detective who is pulled into the criminal underworld after a family tragedy.

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