Rising Starlet: Britt Harris


Indie Fever is in the air and this year’s Slamdance is the film festival that could make a star our of the mesmeric Britt Harris. Her portrayal as Rachel in the must watch “Birds Of Neptune” will have plenty talking as she’s compelling throughout. Inviting us into the her uncoventional existence imprinted by a nostalgic past, we see the very fabric of Rachel and her sister Mona’s (Molly Elizabeth Parker) bond start to waver when a stranger enter their lives. Look out for her finding solace in some psychedelic music which can be heard in the dark yet bewitching trailer (above). There’s a great clip of her (also above) riffing on the guitar in almost Slowdive-like fashion as part of her research for her role as Rachel.

The premiere of “Birds Of Neptune” this Friday, January 23rd will no doubt be highly anticipated and her captivating face is gracing the 2015 festival program guide which is noteworthy. I count myself lucky to be able to appreciate the amazing talent that is Miss Britt Harris and she’s even saluted me for being a firm supporter of actresses, spurring me on even more to discover the wonderful actresses in our midst. Distinctively delectable is my reverence for her and she seems to have the Emma Stone-like sassy charisma. Tellingly the independent area will allow us to focus on the chronicles of the women she dramatizes so well onscreen which so often recedes into the background in budget-laden films. How can one not be in awe of a beautiful raconteur such as Britt…:)

Drop by the BRITT HARRIS OFFICIAL SITE and enjoy the wealth of info and media on this blossoming beauty.

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